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Cisterna uses advanced technologies to build the next generation of mRNA.

Our Mission

Cisterna is dedicated to advancing the field of mRNA-based therapeutics by providing exceptionally high-quality mRNA. Our broader mission is to tackle the multifaceted challenges inherent in production of mRNA for R&D. These include quality, quantity, cost and delivery lead time. As mRNA technology continues to evolve, we are committed to providing rapid, innovative and effective solutions to unlock the boundless potential of mRNA as a therapeutic modality. 


Benefits of HPLC-purified mRNA without HPLC purification

Why does mRNA purity matter?

With the success of mRNA-based Covid vaccines, there is now great momentum to develop mRNA-based therapeutics to cure previously incurable diseases. One major hurdle in successfully deploying mRNA therapy is the difficulty in obtaining mRNA without product-related impurities - double stranded RNA (dsRNA), long RNA impurities (LRNA) and short truncated RNA (stRNA). Current production methods, without additional purification steps to remove these impurities, can potentially result in mRNA with increased immunogenicity and compromised efficacy in applications such as CRISPR gene editing, protein replacement therapies, and other advanced biotechnological solutions employing mRNA.


Demanding applications require a demanding technology

Our Technology

Cisterna employs cutting-edge chemistry and leverages the power of ribozymes to create mRNA molecules. At the heart of our innovation lies the proprietary process known as SPEcific Capture and Cleavage (SPECC), an advanced platform for producing mRNA of unparalleled purity.


Cisterna's technology can eliminate 
product-related impurities

Pilot Program now open

Cisterna is now providing SPECC-purified mRNA to qualified customers on a research use only (RUO) basis. Please reach out to learn more. 

Reliability ensured through consistently homogeneous mRNA.

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