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Achieve purity levels approaching those
of chemically synthesized RNA. 

SPEcific Capture and Cleavage (SPECC)

SPECC serves as a versatile platform capable of synthesizing consistently high-quality mRNA across any sequence spectrum, devoid of contaminants like double-stranded RNA (dsRNA), short-truncated RNA (stRNA), and long RNA (LRNA) impurities. Primarily tailored for immune-silent therapeutic applications, these purified mRNAs are also suitable for a broad range of demanding applications. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is SPECC-purified mRNA different from other mRNA?

Conventional oligo-dT and other capture-release methods of purification bind mRNA via poly(A) tail or ionic interactions and elute the mRNA following wash steps; unfortunately, these methods are error-prone as they can still capture dsRNA, LRNA and stRNA. Cisterna’s SPECC technology provides a unique solution to co-purification of these contaminants. As opposed to capture-release, our proprietary process is based on capture-cleavage-release. This three-step process allows enormous spatial and temporal control over our purification. Even if contaminating RNAs bind, they do not co-purify because only the full-length mRNA that are bound and cleaved are purified as the final product.

Specific Capture


Specific Cleavage


What contaminants can be eliminated by SPECC?

Double-stranded RNAs, short truncated RNAs and long RNA impurities. Depending on the source of the template, endotoxin can also be eliminated.

Does SPECC use chemical or enzymatic synthesis?

SPECC uses enzymatic synthesis. However, synthesis and purification are significantly adapted for SPECC

Can SPECC mRNA incorporate modified nucleotides?

At present, SPECC-purified mRNA is exclusively accessible for sequences composed of unmodified, standard nucleotides (A, C, U, and G), precluding the incorporation of modified nucleotides. We are working hard to solve this. In the meantime, we can provide Uridine modified mRNA that is not SPECC-purified but standard oligo-dT purified. We will still use our adapted IVT and this will still produce mRNA of higher quality compared to a standard IVT reaction. Contact us to learn more.

Can you guarantee impurity-free mRNA after SPECC?

Yes, we can guarantee mRNA free of product-related impurities such as dsRNA, stRNA and LRNA. We will provide an agarose gel image of the product and a dsRNA dot-blot with controls. Beyond this, we do not test for other impurities such as residual DNA and residual proteins. We assume that these are less than the limit of detection (LOD) based on our prior findings. If you need additional testing, please feel free to contact us.

What amount can be purchased? Lead time for delivery?

Currently we have a pilot program for mRNA for research use only (RUO). Under this program, we can deliver 100s of micrograms up to a milligram of mRNA that are 1800 nucleotides long and of standard complexity in less than 2 weeks (counting working days). mRNAs that are a bit more complex and less than 5000 nucleotides long may take 3 to 4 weeks. mRNAs longer than 5000 nucleotides will take >4 weeks. The amount supplied is sufficient for cell transfection experiments or small mouse studies. We can also scale to multiple milligrams of mRNA if needed, so please feel free to contact us.

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